"This service is great!  It was really easy to set up a profile and before long I was matched to some new mums in my area. When we met up we all had something in common beyond the obvious children connection and are already organising to meet up again."

Angelica, Earlsfield

"Match Up Mums has been absolutely invaluable. Not only am I so happy that I have the mums there, the benefits of us all having babies around the same time, living close by and also sharing genuine interests is just incredible. We really do all get on very well!!! :)"

Petra, Clapham

We had a lovely lunch last week and are meeting again on Thursday. We had a lot to talk about and the meeting felt really 'easy' so I was very happy! Altogether super pleased with your service and will recommend to every mum I know!

Giulia, Crouch End

"Match Up Mums is a FAB idea :)  I thought NCT was a total waste of time, I had nothing in common with most of my group."

Sarah, Wandsworth

"😄😄😄 looking forward to meeting the group. Thanks again Megan its a great service you have here"

Lamia, Kensington

"The system is working really well. I feel like we are connecting already and have a lot of common ground! Exciting! I was getting in touch to tell you how great the chat room facility is and how lovely the ladies in the group seem to be! Looking forward to our first Match Up Mums 'date' :) Thanks for everything!" 

Petra, Balham

Just wanted to say, I've found the MUM experience great! The ladies that I've met with over the last few weeks are so sweet, we've grabbed breakfast and a coffee together since being introduced - it's worked really well. I also feel that you did a great job matching us up. Thanks so much for introducing me to such lovely ladies! 

Harriet, Bethnal Green

"It was very nice - much like a first date but with a mum! We had a lot in common and it was a fun afternoon.  It was a great venue and we are making arrangements to meet up again.  I thought it was very well done and well organised."

Bonnie, Greenwich

"Thank you for arranging the meet up. It was great to meet the others - all lovely and going through very similar stages of pregnancy/life etc. We will certainly be meeting up again and have already exchanged emails."

Sophie, Battersea

"I wish this had been around five years ago! I would have given my left arm to find like-minded people but I had to wait until my daughter was three years old and in pre-school before I met some mums who were like me…  I used the birth group on Baby Centre website to meet up with mums but it was clear from first outing most of us had nothing in common or to talk about = awkward!"

Natalie, Dartford

"Match Up Mums has been an invaluable service! I decided not to return to work and it was great to be able to meet like-minded mums in my area when all my NCT friends were returning to work. I would thoroughly recommend Megan and her team who are friendly, helpful and reliable."

Tracy, Earlsfield

"Thank you for arranging our dinner the other night... we all had a very nice time and have agreed to meet up again in the next couple of weeks so hopefully good friendships will develop."

Dacil, Wandsworth

"A FANTASTIC idea, and a fantastic website - the questionnaire was really good, thought provoking but not too intense"

Amanda, Putney

"We did enjoy meeting up, and I feel we were well matched and got along well, especially in terms of our work / family balance goals (i.e. interested in freelance and how to make that work)"  

Shannon, Tooting

"The site was easy to navigate, the concept was easy to get and you get a sense of genuine warmth and of someone who has been there and is qualified to do this."

Steph, Wimbledon

"I really enjoyed meeting with the others.  We didn’t use the icebreakers, we just starting chatting straight away. The venue was great, just perfect for a leisurely cool drink and chat."

Sarah, Battersea

"It was a really relaxed evening with no pressure from the staff to hurry which was nice - I think we were the last out! We didn't use the ice breakers as there seemed to be enough conversation between us. The fact that there were no awkward silences would suggest we are a good match & I think we will be meeting up again once the babies have arrived."

Joanna, Earlsfield

"It was lovely to meet the other mums and share our experience"

Roxanne, Balham

"Thanks for organizing the meet and greet for our group. I really enjoyed meeting the other three ladies - they are really nice and lovely and we felt well matched. We swapped emails and phone numbers at the end of the evening and we have another dinner planned already for next week."

Shaoni, Wandsworth

"We had a great night thanks! Venue was great and everyone was up for meeting again, and two of us have since agreed a play date, which is brilliant so thank you!"

Hanna, Southfields

"We had a successful first meeting and are catching up again next week. A lovely bunch of ladies who I'm looking forward to getting to know better."

Aoife, Battersea

"The process has been smooth and easy. I liked the way we arranged a time to meet that suited everyone using the joint calendar. We have swapped details and met up since. I think we are well matched. Thanks!"

Helen, Wandsworth

"The ladies are all amazing and I'm so happy with the matches you've made"

Erica, Clapham

"It was lovely to meet as a group - we all swapped numbers and I set up a What's App group for us. I've already seen one mum again, as I just sent a message out yesterday afternoon to see if anyone was nearby and free. There's a plan in place to meet next Monday, so I think your work is done! Thanks so much for this, it's been really great."

Laura, Tooting

whole group in garden

Match Up Mums started in SW London so this is where the majority of the testimonials come from, but we now have members across London, from Balham to Bethnall Green; Barnes to Borough; Clapham to Camden; Chelsea to Canary Wharf; Chiswick to Crouch End; Fulham to Finchley; Hammersmith to Highbury; Mayfair to Maida Vale; Marylebone to Muswell Hill; Putney to Primrose Hill; Streatham to Shoreditch; Tooting to Twickenham; Wimbledon to West Hampstead.


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