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September Newsletter

What do our members recommend? 

Phew, it's been another busy month here at Match Up Mums - small matters of school holidays, loom band craziness and ice bucket challenges in amongst growing our business, meeting new partners (see guest posts below) and introducing lots of new groups of mum friends.  Thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback on the Match Up Mums service, it has all been really useful and we've had some great press coverage in the past month, too.  

Obviously we hope that your first top tip to any prospective parent would be "Join Match Up Mums" - and with testimonials like these, maybe it will be..?! But also, we think that there is another really useful way that our members can help each other out.  We all know that the best people to tell you what you actually need, and not stuff you'll just waste money on, are fellow mums who have very recently been in exactly the same stage of parenting.  

So, we are going to introduce a way to make it really easy for our members to help advise each other and pass on their top recommendations, for whatever parenting stage you are at.  You'll be able to see recommendations by age of child, and vote or comment on other people's recommendations if you too agree they are a life-saving, sanity-restoring, simply brilliant product. 

Recommend the baby products that you wouldn't have been without - and you could 
win yourself a £50 John Lewis voucher! Please email your top 3 tips to along with the age baby/child you recommend them for - and we will pick the voucher winner out of a hat in October.  To get the ball rolling, we asked some knowledgable friends of Match Up Mums to recommend their favourites to us for the new-baby stage.

Win £50 John Lewis voucher

Win a £50 John Lewis voucher

Tina Perridge of Neighbourhood Midwives recommended Sleepyhead, a brilliant way of helping a baby feel cocooned and held even when you put them down. Genius! 

Super-Mums at the Wandsworth Twins Club recommend Aden & Anais swaddle wraps, which double as muslins or burp cloths, lightweight blankets, breast-feeding scarves and are also big enough to throw over the pram when you are trying to get your baby to sleep. They are super-soft and come in loads of different colours and patterns. 

Medina Sam at MK Kids Interiors recommends this Harlequin Dawn cot bed set which can be perfectly complemented by their own delightful Alphabet prints, a lovely way of adding colour to a baby's nursery.

We hope to launch the full new-baby list in the next few weeks, and have the ones for older babies and children ready soon.  So please get your recommendations in to us. 

As well as introducing lots of friendship groups via our profile-matching service, one of our hopes for Match Up Mums is that the friendship and support of other mums won't stop with your immediate group.  It's been great to see some of you sharing advice in the members' Facebook group too, from hypnobirthing to days out with toddlers - so do check that area out if you have a question for the broader group of Matched Up Mums.  
Finally and rather boringly, Facebook have changed their rules (again!) for business pages.  So even if you have 'liked' a Facebook page, our updates won't necessarily appear in your newsfeed - you need to regularly like our individual posts too, to keep getting our updates in your feed.  We'll keep sending monthly newsletters of course but if you like getting regular 'hot off the press' announcements about new partnership discounts for example, or when these new lists go live, you'll need to follow us on Twitter or like our FB posts regularly.  Sorry, told you it was a dull note on which to end - but there are some more interesting guest posts below from our friends at The Vitality Centre and London Mothers Club.
Hope you're all enjoying this last hurrah of an amazing summer. 

Megan x


The Vitality Centre tells us about Cranial Osteopathy.

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, relaxing and extremely effective approach, which can be used to treat people of all ages, from birth to old age. It is a non-invasive holistic treatment used to cover a range of conditions from stress and exhaustion to headaches and depression.

Babies and children can benefit greatly from Cranial Osteopathy, particularly with issues such as colic, sleep problems or excessive crying. It is also effective if your child has eating/feeding difficulties, Flat Head, Glue Ear or was born with a cord around the neck. Mother and Child Cranial Osteopathy can be especially bonding and effective.

The Vitality Centre in Wandsworth has two wonderful, highly qualified Paediatric Osteopaths, who are happy to offer a free 10 minute consolation on 020 8871 4677.

Don’t forget, Match Up Mums members receive a 20% discount on all Vitality Centre treatments, including Cranial Osteopathy.

Read more about cranial osteopathy on the Vitality Centre website. 


Back to Work - A London Mothers Club event

We are delighted to announce a partnership with the lovely ladies at the London Mothers Club, who organise a variety of fun events for mums and babies across London, from pamper parties to family fun days to ask-the-expert sessions.  Match Up Mums members will receive 10% off the price of single tickets to any event, and 20% discount when going as a group of 2 or more. 

Their next event is on 18th September from 1-4pm at the Crown & Anchor in Chiswick Park and it will be an Ask the Expert session: Back to Work with You!  They've lined up 3 speakers: a career coach, professional stylist and a family meal planner for busy working mums. 

You can find out more about all of their forthcoming events on their website and if you would like to buy tickets using your discount, please email Sophie quoting Match Up Mums.

We hope this partnership will be a great addition to the Match Up Mums service, as it will provide a fun diversion for you and your Matched Up Mum friends to enjoy together, and also enable you to potentially meet even more mums and broaden your circle further. That's what we call win win! 

Posted on September 1, 2014 .

August Newsletter

Match Up Mums is one month old! 

It feels longer… in a really good way.

Apparently there has been a heatwave recently?  We haven't really noticed, it's been much too busy here at Match Up Mums for any sunbathing!  We have had a very active first month, signing up hundreds of members and welcoming new ones every day since we launched.  Best of all, we have already matched up 20 groups of new mum friends - that's why we started this service, to help mums make a local and like-minded support network of other mums.  We really appreciate your being here from such early days and for all of your support. 


Thank you all for making our first month so fantastic.

For those of you who have not been matched up yet, we are hard at work right now getting the word out there to as many other mums as possible, so that we can make some more matches.  We've also been busy evolving the service based on all of the really useful feedback we have received, so thank you to everyone who has provided their input.  Please keep your ideas, comments and suggestions coming.

And if you can help us spread the word about Match Up Mums, please do - maybe you are a member of a Facebook group or could tell pregnant colleagues at work.  So many people have said to us "I wish this had been around when I was expecting my first baby" - so please tell all the first time mums you know! Using the promo code 'AUG-NEWSLETTER', currently they can receive half-price membership. 

We have also had lots of help to spread the word from other mum-businesses.  It has been great fun setting up partnerships with them - and they are such a lovely bunch, we feel like we are making our own friends too. 
I'm really pleased to be able to introduce you to two of our new partners in this newsletter - Jenny from MamaKnowsBest has a few wise words about keeping a summer holiday stress-free when travelling with small children, while Jo from HomeSpaLondon tells us about her expertise in baby massage and the effect of touch on young babies. I hope you find these interesting. Please do look on the members' area for discount codes if you would like to use their services, as well as further discounts from other mum and baby-friendly businesses like JoJo Maman Bébé and Neighbourhood Midwives.  

See below for their articles, enjoy the rest of this amazing summer and keep on keeping us busy - we are loving it!


Mama Knows Best knows how to keep family holidays stress free!  Jenny Neville runs a parenting consultancy, offering troubleshooting and workshops for parents, and here she shares her common-sense approach to a relaxed and enjoyable summer holiday.

A change of environment, new surroundings and different climate are wonderfully exciting for young children and they will be keen to get out and explore. It’s wise to be mindful of any potential hazards a new environment may present and a good idea to explore your new surroundings together with your little ones. Look out for ponds, rivers, balconies, uneven steps or hidden roads. If you are heading off for a holiday in the sun, or even just coping with the current heatwave at home, keep everyone well hydrated by offering plenty of drinks during the day and remember that breastfed babies may want extra feeds to quench their thirst.

Home Spa London founder Joanna Cooper has 10 years experience in massage therapy, and also leads baby massage classes. 

Touch is the first sense for a baby to develop in the womb, they feel the warmth of the mother surrounding them.

 The very way a baby is touched and nurtured, spoken to and looked at in the first 18 months can determine how their brains develop through the release of chemicals to the brain which helps with growth and development.

During baby massage we also talk to the babies as well as lots of eye contact. Many parents have seen the benefits of baby massage through my classes, not just with the obvious benefits of sleep improvement and for helping to reduce wind pain but also as a bonding experience, strengthened through that one to one time you can give your baby while giving them a loving massage.

Posted on August 1, 2014 .