It's all happening...

We planned this business for the best part of a year. Tinkered with the website for months.  Tested it on friends for weeks.

And now.. it's live and it's all finally happening!  We have been so delighted with the response -  with nearly 250 members signed up in under 4 weeks, and 12 groups profile-matched already.

And best of all, this week saw 3 of our matched-up groups meet in person.

We just had some feedback on one of those meetings that makes ALL of the hard work worthwhile.  Their first meeting went so well yesterday that they arranged to meet up again today. 

So there it is, a group of mums who have lots in common and live locally to one another, meeting up for friendship and support.

It's just like we hoped it would be!

Thank you all for your support in getting us to this point.


Match Up Mums

mums chatting
Posted on July 16, 2014 .